Saturday, August 18, 2018
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About Plainview Vineyard & Winery

Plainview Vineyard and Winery focuses on growing the very best grapes. We also focus on making the very best wines.

We start with the micro nutrients that we put in our soil. Plainview Vineyard has heavy clay soils that are full of minerals.

Micro nutrients help extract minerals from the soil to give your palette a true taste of the growing conditions in Macoupin County.

Plainview Winery names the wines it produces from the grapes we grow, and we grow varieties of grapes such as Leon Millot, Concord and Vignole in our vineyard. All Plainview Winery wines are produced from the fruit grown at Plainview Vineyard except for our plum wine, and the plums are grown locally in Macoupin County.

Plainview Winery focuses on producing bold red wines and smooth white wines. We want your next meal to be enhanced by wines that excite your senses of taste and smell.

Plainview Winery uses A&K Cooperage barrels for aging its red and white wines. Plainview Winery red wines are aged in A&K oak cask barrels for a minimum of 22 months. Our white wines are for a minimum of 18 months in A&K barrels.

We strive to offer high quality wines at an affordable price to the majority of Macoupin County and surrounding residences.